IELTS -International English Language Testing System


Nurses, Social Workers, Radiographers and Paramedics relocating to the UK are required to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Occupational English Test (OET) exam to prove that they are proficient in speaking and understanding the English language. We have a number of resources available to help you to meet the English language requirements and pass your IELTS exam.

Test scores

You will have to pass the test with a overall score of at least 7.0, scoring at least 7 in the writing section (at least 6.5 for nurses) and at least 7.0 in the reading, listening & speaking sections.Failure to meet these scores and you will not be accepted into the relevant council in the UK. Scores can be taken from two separate tests, as long as they are within six months of each other.

If you have previously passed an IELTS exam and it was within the last two years, you will not be required to take another test and your certificate will be sent off straight away for registration.

Study Programmes

We have devised a programme to help you prepare for your IELTS test. The programme includes tutor-led courses and exam practice on how to pass your IELTS test.

Where can I take my IELTS test? How much does it cost?

Your dedicated Priority Professional Placements consultant will help you through the process and explain where you can take your test. Globally, IELTS is available in 140 countries at over 1,100 test centres. The IELTS test costs $265USD per sitting.


Client Satisfaction

In a professional context it often happens that private or corporate clients corder a publication to be made and presented with the actual content still not being ready. Think of a news blog that's filled with content hourly on the day of going live. However, reviewers tend to be distracted by comprehensible content, say, a random text copied from a newspaper or the internet.

Mark Sillison